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Infrapro Umbrella

What We Do

Through working with such a wide network of freelance professionals Infrapro Umbrella was created to assist our consultants and provide payroll services to UK-based contractors.

Our employed umbrella enables each individual to have continuity of employment despite working across multiple temporary contracts. Whilst being your employer we not only facilitate all of your statutory rights and benefits including Statutory Sick Pay, Holiday Pay but also calculate and process your taxes so you don’t have to.

As standard Infrapro Consulting is able to offer:

24 Hour Onboarding:

Our onboarding process has been designed to ensure compliance but with efficiency in mind, meaning we can have you fully set up within 24 hours of your first contact.

Insurance Cover:

As an employee of Infrapro, you will be covered by our company's professional indemnity and public liability policies to a value of £18 million.

Same Day Payments:

The same day we receive funds from your client/agency we will run the relevant calculations and process payment so the funds clear in your account before the end of the day.

Employment Rights:

To work through our umbrella company you will be required to sign a contract of employment. Once signed, you will be entitled to full statutory employment rights and benefits.

Pension Scheme:

As a UK-based employer, we offer access to a workplace pension which is administered by People's Pension.

Support and Guidance:

Our industry experts are able to offer advice to umbrella employees on contract arrangements and any legislative updates and changes.

Online Portal:

Through our secure portal, you are able to submit your timesheets and access your payslips 24/7 365.

If you are a professional contractor that requires an umbrella service and wishes to eliminate the distraction of IR35 then please get in touch today.

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