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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IR35?

IR35 legislation is used to determine the employment status and the subsequent tax status of an individual. Depending on your contractual arrangements and working practices you will be determined as either inside or outside of IR35. As our umbrella services is a based on a employed PAYE model, IR35 is not an issue for any of our clients.

How much does Infrapro Charge?

We deduct our company margin from the payments we receive for the services you provide as a contractor. Our margin is fully inclusive and covers all aspects of our services (including the public liability and professional indemnity insurance you are required to have in place). There are no hidden costs, we won’t charge you for same day payments and we only apply the company margin to the weeks / months when you work. We have service agreements in place with recruitment agencies throughout the UK where we offer their contractors a discount to our standard margin. This enables us to offer one of the most competitively priced umbrella payroll services on the market. Please speak to a member of the Infrapro team for more information.

What are the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)?

The AWR legislation was introduced to prevent unfair treatment of people working through agencies by giving them rights to certain entitlements, including paid annual leave, rest breaks, limits on working times, payment at National Minimum Wage to name a few. Some rights are active from day 1 of the contact, others such as rights to equal pay to a comparable employee don’t become active until week 12.

How does my Holiday pay get processed?

Part (12.07%) of the rate of pay agreed with your agency/client is intended to cover your statutory annual leave entitlement. As a employee of Infrapro Consulting you have two options as two how your holiday pay is managed. Firstly, you can ask Infrapro to retain your holiday pay which means we hold this back until you are take some time off. Alternatively, you can receive your holiday pay as part of your weekly / monthly payment so you have the funds in advance. Either way, your payslip will clearly tell you how much has been paid to you as holiday pay or how much we have added to your holiday fund.

How does an Umbrella company work?

Despite being a contractor, through a compliant umbrella you actually are an employee. Through Infrapro Consulting you are asked to sign a contract of employment, which gives you full employment rights providing security and support to your working career. Infrapro Consulting then have a business to business contract with your agency to supply your services on a temporary basis. Your agency then process payment to your employer (Infrapro Consulting) before we deduct the relevant taxes and process your net pay direct to you.

Why do I have to pay Employers' National Insurance?

The rate agreed with your recruitment agency / end client includes an amount to cover the Employers NI contributions that needs to be made to HMRC, this is known as a charge out rate and forms the value of our company income. As a UK based employer  we are required to make the deduction and pay the Employers NI contributions to HMRC. This is a standard process that is performed by all compliant umbrella companies.

As I’m employed do I receive employment rights?

Once fully onboarded with Infrapro Consulting you have full, continuous employment rights which gives you access to statutory entitlements such as sick pay, maternity pay / paternity pay, holiday pay, etc.

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